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Help SAVE Escarpment wetlands and KEEP County Road 91

As you may know, Clearview intends to close the western section of former County Road 91 west of Duntroon and transfer ownership to Walker Aggregates Inc, enabling them to access the many millions of tonnes of aggregate lying under the road. They propose to replace this important inter-county road by reconstructing Sideroad 26/27, currently a narrow seasonal road with a 14% grade that traverses the Niagara Escarpment’s most sensitive lands comprising precious wetlands. 

This would:

  • Degrade a cold-water trout fishery
  • Destroy Escarpment wetlands
  • Create a dangerously steep road
  • Increase traffic on Concession 10
  • Impact inter-county traffic networks
  • Put more traffic through the Blue Mountains 
  • Impact efficient commercial transportation

Learn more about the issue and how you can help our local environmental champions, the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust, click here: https://watershedtrust.ca/help-us-save-sideroad-26-27-info-session/