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2019 survey results and review

Better Understanding the Priorities and Concerns of our Members

Insights from The Blue Mountain Ratepayers Association Survey

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In October, the BMRA conducted a survey with our members to determine their views on a variety of Town of Blue Mountains issues – the performance of our new Council, perspectives on key priorities and concerns, and to establish their awareness of some of the major initiatives underway. There were almost 200 responses received, which was quite significant, and we created this summary of our major learnings to share. 

  1. Evaluation of our new Council – Over 80% of respondents stated that they were either happy with, or neutral towards the performance of Council in their first year in office. This is consistent with feedback we have received through other sources, and it is generally understood that to maintain this positive rating, Council will need to continue to demonstrate progress on their campaign commitments.
  2. Top TBM Priorities – When asked for the most important priorities, the two that stood out were:
  • Managing development – reflecting concerns about the volume and pace of growth
  • Obtaining a better deal with the County – related to the issue of projected increases in our County tax levies, and potential impact on our ability to fund infrastructure expansion

Rounding out the list of priorities were reductions to our tax burden, arranging for Attainable Housing, budget management and tackling STA issues.

         3. Confidence with how development is being managed – Results were mixed on this question. About 60% of respondents either lacked confidence in development management, or were neutral. Where there was more uniform response was for the suggestion of a five year sunset clause on development proposals – start construction within five years of approval, or have approval rescinded – and having Council sign off on final site plans.

        4. County Funding Concerns – Results showed that 90% of respondents believe our County tax levies is compromising our ability to fund future growth requirements. This helps to explain the high priority assigned to obtaining a better deal with the County. And as we learned that 70% were not aware of the significant capital investments the TBM is facing in the next few years, including $20 Million in water infrastructure, concerns with our County funding obligations are only likely to grow.

        5. Health Care – A lack of doctors in the area is an issue for 60% of our members participating in the survey, and 70% believe the town should spend tax dollars to attract and retain primary care professionals. The BMRA will be actively promoting enhancements to our health care resources and services.

We hope you found the results of our survey to be of interest and value.

The BMRA Board